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    Default Fix my sagging crescent shower rod

    I recently installed a crescent shaped shower rod to eliminate the "attacking" shower curtain. It's been great and works well. However, the torque on the mounting hardware causes the shower rod to sag. I could install a chain from the ceiling to the center of the rod to hold it up but I would like to avoid this since I want to keep my existing shower curtain. Does anyone know how to prevent the sag? I've used toggle bolts to hang the hardware since they are the strongest mounting screws I can find.

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    Default Re: Fix my sagging crescent shower rod

    It is doubtful without attaching to framing or installing blocking into the wall that you'll be able to cure the problem. The issue is that the fasteners don't have any solid purchase, while the toggles will tighten against the drywall, as the curtain rod is bounced and wiggled, it wears at the back of the drywall, loosening the fasteners. If the fasteners were going into framing or solid substrate, they would not work loose.
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