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    Default Need help with low water pressure/flow problem...please.

    I recenty replaced a moen cartridge for my tub/shower and have very low water pressure. I have tried three new cartridges one plastic and two brass with the same results. If I remove the cartridge and turn the water on it blasts out like a firehose, as soon as I put the cartridge in hardly anything, It would probably take 45 min to fill the tub. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Need help with low water pressure/flow problem...please.

    had a friend describe just the same problem and solution to me today. In his case his Moen had shutoff screw valves on each side of the main valve. He ended up removing the screw valves and cleaning them out. Turns out that one was clogged and when the new cartridge was put in the lack of pressure on the one side caused the balancing valve to close nearly down, thus very low water flow. Maybe this might be your case also.

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