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Thread: water heater

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    Unhappy water heater

    How do you adjust the flame on a heater that you got the
    control turned all the way up

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    Default Re: water heater

    I am assuming the control you are referring to is the thermostat control that controls the actual temperature of the heated water. I do not believe that there is any way to control the size of flame other than reducing the pressure of the gas flowing to the gas valve. There use to be a screw on the gas valve for adjusting the pilot flame. You may have a restriction in the line to the gas valve or even in the gas valve itself. When it comes to gas, be safe and call in an expert -- life is too precious.

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    Default Re: water heater

    Unless the flame on the WH is on continuously, raising the flame will not increase the temperature.
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    Default Re: water heater

    Can you describe the problem you're having? The flame of a gas waterheater is either on or off, there is no adjustment. If you're having temperature problems then you likely have an issue with the thermostat or thermocoupler

    What is the age, brand, and size of the waterheater and what specifically is the issue?
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