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    Default Replacing garage door with wall

    I want to remove a garage door and fill in the opening with a frame wall. It is on a gable end of the detacted garage and not a load bearing wall. The garage has a concrete foundation (36" frost depth), but no slab or structure under the door opening. I intend to have a concrete floor poured as part of the work. How do I best support the new wall section and close off the edge at ground level? Do I need to put a foundation under the opening and new wall section, or can I support the new wall with a beam at the bottom and just have the new slab under it?
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    Default Re: Replacing garage door with wall

    Hi, You can do either or. Frame your wall and temporarily support it for a later concrete pour. You can use Green treated lumber at the base plate(bottom) so that water does not wick up into the rest of the framing. Use the green treat at bottom of finished wall (on top of concrete) along with "sill seal" (to stop water/moisture wicking) and you can always use green treat as a temporary support, Fasten with duplex nails so you can remove it when you decide to pour concrete under it.Hope this helps.
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    Default Re: Replacing garage door with wall

    I would build a foundation and come up above the slab about 8" before building a stud wall. Building codes usually require clearance from the ground before starting a stud wall with siding. Just match the foundation materials with the rest of the house.

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