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    I set up a woodworking shop in a building 100 feet from my house and I would like to install a smoke alarm in the shop that will sound in the house. I guess I have to pull a wire between. Will the dust compromise the operation of the unit? I can locate it 10 feet above the tool height.
    Thanks, Dennis in Maine

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    Dennis I am not a expert on smoke detectors but I would be willing to bet that the dust from woodworking will impead the opperation of the smoke detectors performace. Might I suggest a heat detector. wiring will depend on what kind of detector you use.

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    Dennis, I found an article over on Tauntons Fine Wood Working, which also states that heat detectors are a better choice. The article describes some of the different types of heat detectors and has some good fire prevention tips. I had to link to the google cache though, because the pdf was broken. Of course, like Raven, I am not an expert on fire alarms.

    In regards to being able to be notified about the alarm, I know there are several systems available that can call you or the fire department in the case of a fire. This might be a good choice, because you could probably set it up to call your home and your cell phone, so no matter where you are you would be notified. I am not sure of the cost of these though, but I would imagine setting up some sort of hardwired system would probably be cheaper.
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