Hi. Please HELP!! My gf got a real fancy antique chest of drawer to convert into a wet bar for her condo living-room, but.... I made a 4" diameter hole on the wrong side of the chest.... OUCH - to say the very least !! - I GOTTA patch it up. I raided all the trash of the condo but couldn't find the missing piece of wood. How can I patch up the hole invisibly? I made the cut on the right side of the chest already (for water pipes)but lost that piece of wood too. Should I make a third hole in the back of the chest and try to patch the first hole with that? What glue should I use? I forget to mention I dropped the porcelain sink to go on top of the chest and it broke. I glued it back together and she didn't mind, but I want her bar to look really nice. Thanks buddies for any great suggestion. ArGino