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    Default This Old House Paint -more about it-reviews

    I am trying to learn about thick exterior paint and how well it holds up and other pros/cons. Found that TOH makes one but can't find reviews. Thanks lburg

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    Default Re: This Old House Paint -more about it-reviews

    I couldn't find anything on the TOH paint; Consumer Reports just did a review of exterior paints in its June, 2010 issue.

    There is a very wide disparity among pros & diys as to which brand is best; many pros prefer high-priced brands such as Sherwin-Williams Duration or Sherwin-Williams Superpaint (both ~$50/gal.); Benjamin Moore is also preferred by some; the sites below have numerous websites that include many differences of opinion.

    Consumer Reports is available free at public libraries; the list below was tested over 3,6 and 9 years for durability; California held up best over 9 years, but is expensive; the other top 5 held up well over at least 6 years.

    1) California Fresh Coat Velvet Flat @ $35/gallon
    2) Behr Premium Plus Flat @ $19/gallon
    3) Valspar Duramax Satin @ $35/gallon
    4) Behr Premium Plus Semi-Gloss @ $25/gal
    5) Valspar Duramax Flat @ $33/gal
    6) Olympic Premium Flat @ $19/gal
    7) Olympic Premium Semigloss @ $22/gal
    8) Olympic Premium Satin @ $21/gal

    All the paints tested were $18/gal or more, but may be discounted at the big box stores.

    Home Depot or Lowes carries Behr, I don't know who carries the others.

    Also Google "exterior paints", reviews for ****** paint reviews.
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