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Thread: The contractor

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    A GC is going through a house to do an estimate for a remodel.

    The owner is walking him through--explaining what they want done. After about five minutes, the GC walks over to the front window, throws it open and yells


    then closes the window and continues his conversation with the home owner.

    A few minutes later, they are in another room and the home owner is explaining that they want the hardwood floors refinished. In the middle of the explanation, again the GC walks over to the window, opens it and hollers

    "GREEN SIDE UP!!!"

    and walks back over to the home owner. This continues through every room in the house. Finally, the home owner just can't stand it anymore and finally asks,

    "What the h-ll's the deal? Every two minutes, you walk over to a window, open it and yell!?"

    The GC laughs and explains,

    "I also have a landscaping business. My crew is blond and across the street putting in new sod!"

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    Default Re: The contractor

    LOL My girlfriend is going to love this one. She's blonde and collects blonde jokes.

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