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    Question What kind of shrub to use?

    My father-in-law's house has a dull space between the porch and walkway. The area is about 12-16 in. wide 10-15 ft. long. Is there any kind of bush/shrub, maybe one that has flowers, I can plant there to liven up the area?
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    There's all kinds of things you could do with that, most of it depends on how large you want the plantings to be, whether you want color or just something to fill the space, how much maintenance you're looking for, etc. I would recommend a visit to a nursery, talk to the staff about what you'd like and want to accomplish and they can suggest specific plantings to fill those needs.
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    Default Re: What kind of shrub to use?

    I'm coming late to this conversation, so you may no longer need help. If you still do, please respond with your father-in-law's planting zone and if the area receives mostly sun, mostly shade, etc. Also, does the area receive adequate moisture (sprinkler system or natural rainfall) or is the soil usually dry?

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    Default Re: What kind of shrub to use?

    In addition to finding out what your planting zone, soil pH, sun and other factors are, you should try to vary the shapes and sizes of the shrubs. Rose of Sharon is a great shrub that flowers in August in zones 5-6, but doesn't even leaf out until May. A good idea is to mix evergreens, like yews, arbor vitae (VERY easy to grow) cedars, junipers and cypresses, with deciduous plants, such as redbuds, azaleas and magnolias.

    Rhododendrons are often used, since they're evergreens, but they are not too drought-tolerant and often fall prey to winter-kill. So you also need to figure out how much cold & wind they'll get.

    Go to a good nursery, or visit some ******, to figure out the best plants for you.

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