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    Default Insulation of basement ceiling

    Hello, We have a two storied colonial house with a full basement. Currently in the basement, the space between floor joists are insulated with vapor barrier facing the first floor (kitchen ) aka facing up. We are thinking of finishing our basement and running heat in the basement. Now that we will have heat from both directions ( first floor ) as well as basement which way should the vapor barrier be facing for the insulation. Leave it facing up? move it down ? no need for vapor barrier, meaning change all the insulation. Thanks a lot for your advise.

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    Default Re: Insulation of basement ceiling

    Since this space will become finished conditioned ( heated ) , you don't need the insulation at all.
    However, if you want to leave it for sound control then no vapour barrier is required. You could simply peel off the paper backing.
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    Default Re: Insulation of basement ceiling

    That's not to say the vapor barrier is in conflict with sound isolation. If soundproofing is one of the goals, and paper is convenient to attach to the joists, then go ahead.

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