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    Question Cutting doorway into former exterior wall

    I'm house hunting and finally found a house that's perfect except for one thing: The master bedroom is too small. Directly behind the master bedroom and bathroom is a large bedroom in what was an addition to the house. Would it be feasible to cut a doorway into the wall between the master bathroom and the large bedroom?

    The house is one story, block construction, with an addition all along the back of the house. The original house has a hip roof, so this is a load bearing wall. The two bathrooms are both in the original part of the house. There are no bathrooms in the addition, so without this doorway, to get from the large bedroom to a bathroom I would have to take a U-shaped path through the family room, hall, kitchen, and another hall.

    So, is this a reasonable idea? Any idea how much this would set me back?

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    Default Re: Cutting doorway into former exterior wall

    Yes, it is feasible but you would need to have a header installed and with block construction not a recommended job for a DIYer.
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