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    Default Two windows on same side of house leaking during heavy rain

    We have a 10 year old house with cement siding and double-hung vinyl windows. Two windows on the same side of the house leak during heavy rainstorms. Both are on the first floor and are next to one another (on the outside of the house) but in different rooms. When they leak, the leaking occurs on the far inside of the window, at the top. It seems to be coming in through pinholes in the paint where the top of the window frame meets the small piece of wood just under the frame. (sorry, I don't know what this piece of wood is called) What this tells me is that there is water getting into the top of the window. I have had someone out who re-caulked all along the top of the window. We have cement siding and there are a couple of joints above the windows but are a few courses above the windows. Not sure if water could be getting in there and getting behind the siding. I'm worried not only for these two windows but also for the other three on the same side of the house that aren't leaking at all...could it just be a matter of time? Please help. Thanks.

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    Default Re: Two windows on same side of house leaking during heavy rain

    Windows leaking at the top is usually due to improper flashing or a leak above the window and the water running down the inside wall. It could be a roof leak or and upstairs window.
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    Default Re: Two windows on same side of house leaking during heavy rain

    just as jack says,
    it shouldnt be the siding, water gets behind siding so its the window is probably leaking. 98% of the waterproofing is done when the window is installed. so the flashing has probably failed
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