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    Default Can I paint wood treated with Thompson's Water Seal ?

    Its been a few years since the gate was treated. thought a color would be nice instead of the naturanl wood.
    any chances of me being able to paint it? Oil base paint ??

    what about a solid color stain of somekind?

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    Default Re: Can I paint wood treated with Thompson's Water Seal ?

    Thompson's products are loaded with silicons. Their purpose is to repel water. Unfortunately, it repels new paint and stains as well. As it has been on for several years, it may have been sufficiently worn off. Try spritzing the wood with a little water and see what happens. If the water beads on the surface, rather than sink into the wood, you will not get penetration from new paint or stains either. The paint or stain might not peel immediately, but will fail eventually when stressed by moisture and temperature.

    If you pass the spritz test, I would lean toward applying a solid base decking stain. Stain repels rain, yet still allows moisture which has gotten into the wood to respire out without peeling, as would be more likely with a heavy bodied paint. I would shy away from oil paints precisely because they do not breathe as well as latex/acrylic paints.

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