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    I have a old oak floor in my 1840's house and am in the process of redoing the entire room. The room had wall to wall carpet on the floor and I ripped it up to find a beautiful oak floor. The problem is that the floor is really dirty and it seems that the last time that the floor was finished is was either not cleaned properly or put on over a floor that had alot of wax build up on it because it flakes off very easily. I took a small section of the floor and took some very course steel wool and rubbed the floor removing the flakey finish very easily. The problem now is that once I vacuum the floor it is very slick. I had similar probems in other rooms and am thinking it is some sort of wax or oil build up because when I tried to put finish over the other floors it would not stick and flaked off. The other floors I screened off and cleaned very well and put a floor finish on it. What can I do other than sand the floors to make the floors not slick?

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    rubber soled house slippers or shoes.
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    I was at Home Depot the other day and in the wood finish aisle, I saw some jugs of a Minwax product. One was for refurbishing wood floors and the other one was for putting on the new finish. you might want to go over there and take a look at it and see what it does. They're in plastic jugs that look like they hold between 2 liters and 2 gallons.

    Good Luck.

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