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    Default CFL in the kitchen replacing Philips Duramax - HELP!

    Ok, so I'm an incandescent snob. I like, no, LOVE the light from incandescent bulbs. I love the fact that they come right on when you flip the switch, they don't need to warm up, and the light looks like it's looked all my life - nice, warm, non-clinical!

    Ok, so, now I cant buy my beloved 120W Philips Duramax flood lights anymore - I contemplated buying some from a shady character on the web, but I felt dirty - my Catholic guilt took over...

    I go to hd and pick up a set (6) of these ecoSmart bulbs - the red pack. I put them in and - BOOM - I'm in an operating room. "Nurse, let's prep this roast beef for surgery. Scalpel! Retractor! Mayo!". Ok, so these are too white, too bright, too clinical - too EVERYTHING.

    I bring them back to hd and return them for the next step down - 2700 kelvin, soft white - the green pack. I put two of them in and my wife comes right out with "these look old - like my grandmother's old apartment in Brooklyn"...

    Ugh! What's a guy to do??? Do any of these bulbs look like the good, ole American 120W, Philips DuraMax 120W BR40, electric love that I grew up with?

    I was actually contemplating driving to Canada to buy a trunkload while I still can. "No, Mr. Border Agent, I had these bulbs in the trunk when I left New Jersey - honest!"

    I would look at the LED lights, but I already have a second mortgage...
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    Default Re: CFL in the kitchen replacing Philips Duramax - HELP!

    I feel your pain. Maybe the web can turn up a mother lode of bulbs to hold you over...

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