We bought a house built in 1973. Other than some cosmetic changes, we did not anticipate any major upkeep. Well, we were wrong. Apparently there was some water damage that was covered up with paint and wood putty ( we have had to replace window sills and trim and there is still more to do) and we have discovered the house is very cold due to lack of insulation and lots of single pane windows. ( We have had insulation spe******ts out who say there is nothing we can do as there is some insulation in the wall and any insulation they blow in will blow back out). The list goes on... Turns out the "new" roof they put on was with the cheapest shingles and that will need to be replaced shortly.

I am suggesting to my husband, since we probably have to sink $100K into the house to fix all the issues, do we cut our losses and buy a smaller but newer house. Thoughts?