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    Unhappy Hole in refrigerant tubing-Who's at fault?

    We just had a new roof installed in which one of the roofer's nails punctured the refrigerant tubing in our attic from our 2 year old central air conditioner unit. The roofer said it was the a/c installer's fault for having left the tubing arc up against the plywood instead of securing it so that no part of the tubing would be butting up against the plywood (visible inside the attic). The a/c installer said it was the roofer's fault for not coming into the house to check the location of all the refrigerant tubing in the attic. Who should pay for the repairs? Roofer, a/c installer or us. We have a photo which shows the tubing butting up against the plywood.

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    Default Re: Hole in refrigerant tubing-Who's at fault?

    The A/C contractor is at fault.

    All types of piping are code-required to be protected from physical damage. For refrigeration piping, the code section on this is section 1101.3 in the '06 edition of the International Mechanical Code, and section 1111.3 of the Uniform Mechanical Code.

    Of course, all code requirements ought to be applied in a reasonable manner, and it is customary for roofing nails to protrude thru the roof sheathing for up to 1". No surprise there, and anyone even marginally familiar with construction should know this.

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    Default Re: Hole in refrigerant tubing-Who's at fault?

    The AC guy is at fault because he should not have left the line in contact with the roof, a caveat to that could be that there was no choice. The roofer is at fault for not using the proper length nails and not being cognizant of what he was working around. You'll be lucky to get either of them to fix the problem on their own dime.
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    Default Re: Hole in refrigerant tubing-Who's at fault?

    A/C guy, no question.
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