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    Default Threshold installation

    I need to install a 30" oak threshold/saddle in my kitchen. I pre-drilled a hole and was going to nail it down with finished nail, but to my surprise the existing vinyl tiles were glued to a concrete base I believe. I do not see anything else under the tiles. I can't think of how I can attach it to the floor without going through concrete....I have thought of Liquid nails or something like that. any other suggestions please?

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    Default Re: Threshold installation

    Since you have a concrete floor, why not just get a masonry bit and drill holes into it. Once you've drilled your holes to match the holes in the threshhold, you can sink lead anchors into the holes in the concrete and screw the threshhold to the floor. Using lead anchors is my favorite way since the lead doesn't deteriorate with age like a wood plug or plastic anchors which get loose sometimes.

    Good Luck.

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    Default Re: Threshold installation

    If your threshold has a flat bottom (rare but nice) you can use "Liquid Nails" to set it, leave it for 24 hrs and it's done. Otherwise, drilling into concrete is futile without a hammer-drill. Yes you can use a concrete bit in a standard drill but the point burns up in about 15 seconds and is useless after. Lags are nice if you have the time to seat them and are accustomed to using them but tapcon screws are better if you don't plan on making a career of setting things into concrete.
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