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    Default Crane 1952 Diana bathroom sink repair

    We have a 1952 Crane porcelain cast iron bathroom sink.
    I can not find a plumber who can or is willing to repair/replace the mixer tube that comes out of the spout. That tube is leaking. The original Crane company is no longer in business. I have found an ****** source for Crane fixture parts, but I have not found a plumber who is willing to work with us.

    Is there anyone out there who has either done their own repair or could recommend a plumber in the Chicagoland area-preferably S suburbs or NW Indiana?

    Thanx much,

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    Default Re: Crane 1952 Diana bathroom sink repair

    I feel your pain. Ihave been a Plumber for over 20 yrs. I have been asked to work on these old fixtures. The reason no one wants to do it is when take apart a faucet this old it doesnt come apart easy. Usally threads break and parts are stripped and marred. Good Luck!

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