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    Unhappy Warped exterior board.

    Greetings, this board is just above my garage opening and is beginning to warp and pull away from the wall. Is this something I can correct with screws or do I have to place the entire board?

    If screws will work, what should I be looking for.

    Looking up and towards it

    Looking straight up at it

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    Default Re: Warped exterior board.

    That is more or less the natural course of things. As that fascia board has dried, it has cupped, causing it to pull away from the jam. The only thing you can do is to drive the nails back in, probably adding a few more galvanized nails (16 penny ) to keep it as flat as possible. Keep in mind that this board wants to cup. When you secure it's edges down it will likely split down the middle requiring caulk to keep it weather tight.
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