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    Default Unique Project ?

    This is a first time post (at least here). A few years ago I built a custom alcove style bath to the missus specifications. It was to fit in with the 1909 arts and crafts style of the house we bought. It is a drop-in tub with a flat deck surround and beaded board walls. It came out beautifully but per the period there was no shower installed-only tub faucets.
    Comes the PROJECT...
    Now it seems we need a shower, so rip it all out except the tub and tile it with a shower head(insert long groan of despair here). To picture it better imagine a solid surface countertop (the deck) that has a hole cut into it the shape of the tub. Drop the tub lip onto the shelf and caulk. The exposed deck going around the tub is about 5" until it hits the walls, the effect being the creation of a sort of channel. The walls are green rock with beaded board over. The antique faucets are deck mounted.

    The main issue is I dont have a clear plan of attack despite some good intentioned advice from this one and that one. I do know that the board and rock must come off, hardiboard or similar must go up, the solid surface and tub must stay, I have to fill in the channel to form a base for the horizontal tile so water sheds into the tub, and I must make it all water proof. Did I miss anything?
    The missus saw this system that looks promising as it also seems adaptable to this situation; the Schluter-KERDI Shower Kit on TOH so I was wondering if it may be the way to go. I know this is going to hurt a bit but I am also planning to get it all figured out before I go too far with it.
    Looking forward to getting some great help here, and I should mention I have no ego to bruise. All I ask is that you be honest. Thanks in advance.


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    Default Re: Unique Project ?

    Forget the Kerdi. Check this out that,s the real thing!!!!!!

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