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In 2009, what do you resolve to do around your house? Will you finally fix that cracked ceiling plaster? Repaint the foyer? Install solar panels? Finish a forgotten project you once started?

If you tell us, your home improvement New Year's Resolution could be featured on ThisOldHouse.com, and who knows maybe Santa will see it...
I resolve to finally get my home projects done, room by room. We got sidetracked when a little one and his mom came to live with us. they have been a blessing to our home, but after a two year adjustment I would like to see my vision for our home completed. Each room is getting a new paint job, fresh coat of varnish on the woodwork, updated flooring if needed, repairs on pumbing taken care of and last but not least the retaining wall along the drive way finally installed. Thankfully there are 365 days to accomplish this in!