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    Default Small Town Pennsylvania House

    Can anyone identify this? We are planning on buying it... it's in a small town, used to be a railroad and paper mill town. A local pediatrician owned it, his son is selling and we'd like to know the style. It is believe to be built in the '30's? maybe before? Would it be considered a foursquare? Original chestnut trim throughout. Four rooms downstairs - living room (parlor) no fireplace, with pocket doors leading to dining room with large bay window and fireplace, kitchen (very small) across from dining room. Large entryway with beautiful staircase. Four bedrooms upstairs and one small bath. And the MONSTROSITY of an addition on the back... ugh! The son and his family ripped off the back porch and added a two story loft-like room with a "great room" below it. I'd love to rip it down but probably won't. Anyway, any ideas? I'd love to decorate the rooms in period style.


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    Default Re: Small Town Pennsylvania House

    It's Dutch Colonial Revival. It's a little earlier and more elaborate than a foursquare, but the space planning/allocation is the same; you enter into a "living hall" containing the stairway, there being no center hall.
    Great house.
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    I'd agree with the first responder. The roof alone gives it away as "Dutch Colonial" but "revival" really says it, given its size, and obviously later construction.

    It's beautiful! Why not turn the addition into a sun room?

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