I'm looking for advise. I live in with my disabled girlfriend in her condo We live in a 50 year old high rise condo, our board requires that all city rules be followed when remodeling. the walls in this building are 3 inches solid plaster and metal and the sockets were placed in the wall as the plaster was drying. Recently I got some extra cash to remodle our kitchen so I bought some cabinets, and appliances at Lowes and hired a contractor to rework our kitchen so we could put new cabinets, countertops and applances in our kitchen. the contractor said no problem and gave a a writen quote that was in our budget for this project. they demolished the old cabinets and counters. there electrical guy now came out and said he can't do anything with the electrical becaue he needs to bring it to code which means tearing down all the kitchen walls and starting over. the job is now more expensive than I can afford. He claims that the old 3" thick walls are too thin to accept the new thicker boxes that he is required to put in all over the kitchen if he touches anything in the kitchen. so he'll need to tear down the old walls and make new 6" thick walls to be in code. If we don't rebuild the walls our kitchen has now been destroyed and we will have now kitchen at all. help