Can any one help? I have several outlets that are dead. They did work and now don't. I bought a LAN Tracker that helped me varify all the outlets were linked. I found one outlet box with 3 sets of wires the 3rd set I can not seem to find the box it ties to. I am asuming this the feed wire for all the outlets that are out and must be where the "brake in the line" is. I put the red tone clip on the black wire and the black tone clip on the ground and I get a good tone signal but can not find a tone at any another box or at the breaker panel. I then conected the red tone clip on the white wire and the black tone clip to the ground and got a very faint tone (so I could not trace the white) What would make the white so faint? Do you have any other sugestions on how to trace the wire to the brake? I have all BX wire in my house. thanks Bill