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    Smile Re: Sand finish drywall ceiling repair

    Jeez Coplas, make a decision already!

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    Default Re: Sand finish drywall ceiling repair

    I received the USG samples and they were very helpful for reference. I sifted sandbox sand to remove the larger grit and mixed some of the smallest grit with ceiling paint to figure out the sand to paint ratio. One part sand to nine parts paint is pretty close (although I'll need to swirl it to match my ceiling). I practiced patching on 3 ceiling holes where plant hangers used to be and, after a ridiculous amount of effort, I think they're okay.

    One huge issue I failed to mention before is that the leak damage I'll be repairing isn't just a line of partially loose tape over a joint. The amateur application of sand texture paint to cover the damage many years ago has it overlapping onto some of the original sand texture ceiling, up to 12" wide in some areas, and I have to remove that, too. I'm still reluctant to do sanding and wonder if chiseling it off is a good idea. I did that with the small holes I repaired and it worked pretty well, but those were very small areas. It will be wretchedly painstaking work that I'll have to do a little at a time and I know I have to be very careful not to gouge the ceiling. Any thoughts on the best tool to use for this? Any other bright ideas?

    Thank you for your patience.

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    I'll stick with my original recommendation and say to just skim coat over the texture. You'll be able to retape and make any repairs AND float out the patchwork well enough that you won't notice it without removal of the existing texture. If you had a hole in your wall, this is the same method that would be used there, your ceiling is no different.

    Side note: You only have to remove the tape and/or drywall that is damaged, water stains can be sealed as long as everything else is stable. BIN primer (Zinnser red label ) is the stuff to use to seal stains and odor.
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