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    Default Patio door too tall

    I have a standard patio door going out to my deck. It measures the standard 80" tall. I need to replace it with a smaller door. I need to raise it about 6 inches on the bottom & I have no room at the top to make the opening larger. Do I have to order a custom door? Is there another standard size I might be able to find sold somewhere?


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    Default Re: Patio door too tall


    Curiosity begs me to ask why you need to raise a door to a deck?

    In any event, if you have standard 8 foot ceilings in the room, you should have room to raise the patio door 6 inches after repositioning the header. A six foot opening would normally have 2x10 lumber doubled up with 1/2 inch spacing material as a header. Worse case scenario, a laminated header of lesser verticle dimension, but equal strength should give you clearance for the standard door.

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