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    Default Ceiling fans, old wiring, discouraging..

    We have a smaller house(1300sf) built in 1920. We have a new electrical panel, but most of our wiring is old knob and tube. I think the kitchen and bathroom have been updated.

    We'd like to install ceiling fans in 3 room 2 of which currently have no light fixture in the ceiling. My dear husband and I are older and we've never done electrical work and we're not interested in learning that skill now.

    Two of the rooms are on our 2nd floor. An unfinished attic is above them. The other room is our 1st floor living room.

    Is this a crazy idea? Will an electrician usually do a job like this?


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    Default Re: Ceiling fans, old wiring, discouraging..

    No it's not a crazy idea. Yes an electrician will do the job. He will no doubt pull new circuits from the panel.
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