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    *** just like some other things I guess it depends on what they call it locally. Here in this part of the country I probally should have said, they call them wafer head screws. I see they call them other things as well and if you look up wafer head screws you will find they sometimes show other head types. rather interesting

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    Default Re: Hanging Shelves - Seems Simple But NOT

    You are all missing the true issue.

    E equals MC squared........ Get it people.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mtngigi View Post
    Hmmm - another hijacked thread, guess no one read my ps, and maybe TOH isn't the best place to get answers. Though I might try one more time as I believe in 3 strikes before calling "out".

    To those of you who offered suggestions, thanks. I drilled the screws a bit more (almost flush to the wall), and the shelf feels much steadier now - though I don't think I'll try any more of these types of shelfs ... seems too complicated to get them to hang correctly and securely.
    you're right and you're welcome.

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