I have a 7'11" closet in my family room. There are shelves on either side of the closet with the gas furnace installed in between. There is not enough clearance for sliding closet doors. I'd like to install full louvered bifold doors. Is there a way to install 3 sets of doors (3-30" wide doors) and have them still catch and work properly? I'm thinking if I trim the opening with deep enough trim and leave enough room between the doors (I think I read that I should leave 1/4" between the wall and the door as well as between each door?) I'll make up the 6 inches of extra opening I'll have. I'm wondering if all I have to do is attach an extra catch to the back of the door that has 2 doors closing towards it? I'm new to the DIY world and a single mom so I need it to be fairly straight forward without a lot of involved finish work. (That being said, I also have no problem tackling bigger jobs so if that's what I have to do, no problem. I replaced my kitchen faucet the day before Thanksgiving and it went well.) Thanks for any help!