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Thread: Trim Stain

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    The trim in our house is stained, probably also polyurethaned. We have several areas that the dogs have scratched to bare wood. When I apply the exact same color stain to these areas they always appear darker than the original stain!Is there any reason why this should happen and is there any way to prevent it or at least lessen the darker staining??

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    I would advise keeping away from that project and getting professional advise. We ordered a custom made door and I got horrible results after staining it myself. The grain of the wood came through the stain in black. I was looking for warm tones for my door and got a creepy look! Luckily, I called a professional painter who coated the whole entire door with the adequate stain. The door looks great now!

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    Before touching up the scratches with stain, apply a pre-stain sealer to the them. A sealer will give the bared wood a drink of oil before the colored oil of the stain is applied. This will prevent the wood from absorbing too much stain and appearing dark.

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    Thanks. I'll try a prestain sealer!

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