My Biasi B10-4 runs great and so far this early in the heating season I have used about 120 less gallons than last year although I am not sure about the temp difference vs last year this time. Could someone explain the part of the sticker that says "Heating Capacity Oil/MBH = 110. Is that Btu's? My house is about 2400/2500 square feet, not including an unfinished unheated basement. Because of recent major improvements the house is quite tight. My old Weil McLain had a heating capacity/MBH of 151,000 which my oil tech said was oversized given that years ago we replaced our HW Heater with a Super Stor tank, plus he said it was too large for our house. So the new Biasi has a MBH of 110,000. The hot water demand has a priority over heat which is no problem as there is just the two of us and the hot water heats up real fast. My question is if I can add some additional base board (water)...I have a total of 117' (fin to fin) some of which is pretty banged up, both the fins and the housing. From a cosmetic stand point, some new baseboard would be welcome! (I have done the fin repair and painting enough already) Some of the rooms might benefit from some extra baseboard. These rooms are on the cool side! The rooms with longer runs of baseboard are fine. I was wondering if I could replace the cooler rooms with the 700+ or 800+ btu baseboard rather than the 600+ I have now. I think I have the boiler capacity to do this, does this sound viable? Thanks, Bill