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    Default Wood flooring over radiant heated concrete

    We are unsure what materials will allow the heat to get through -- our floor guy says it's ok to lay 3/4 inch plywwod and nail floor boards to that but we wonder if it's not too many layers for the heat to get through. Have you had experience with this??

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    Default Re: Wood flooring over radiant heated concrete


    Wood flooring should be fine---the thicker the better.

    Radiant heat doesn't "go through" the wood to heat the occupied rooms, it heats the entire wood bulk until it becomes a massive "radiator"---all this accumulated heat (btu's) in the wood then radiates heat to heat the rooms and the occupants of the rooms.

    That said, there are sometimes issues with hardwood floors with the expansion & contraction over time loosening the floor nails, so an adhesive is often used on such floors.
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