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    Default insulate w/ ballon construction

    I have a question regarding the best way to insulate an 80 year old house. I live on Cape Cod, Masachusetts. The house was built w/ balloon construction. The interior walls are plaster w/ wooden lath. I plan on replacing the windows and reshingling and installing Tyvec. Do I need to install blocking at the bottom of each bay before blowing insulation in. Do I need blocking at the top of the partition in the attic also (to act as a fire block)? Thanks for any help/ suggestions.

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    Default Re: insulate w/ ballon construction

    I have a similar situation, for which a previous owner installed blown-in rock wool. It has been satisfactory. Rock wool doesn't have any compaction/settling issues or moisture issues. Blown-in fiberglass and cellulose are inferior in these regards, IMO. The rock wool is denser.
    It is however, wrong to blow in any kind of insulation in the presence of knob & tube type wiring. So check for that.
    It's great IMO to keep old plaster in old houses, repairing as needed, because it has a built-in water vapor control characteristic that's really lacking in drywall.
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