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    Default Getting sediment out of shower head

    We installed a new hot water heater about 2 years ago when adding on a new master bath to our 1900 farm house. Was a long, slow project as money would allow and the shower wasn't used for over a year once it was installed, since the rest of the room wasn't done. Now that it's done, there is sediment in the hw tank. We found out during the first shower. We have a shower tower that hangs on the wall (one big self enclosed unit with seperate heads). I know i need to drain and flush the HW heater until water is clear, but how do i get the sediment out of the shower lines and shower heads on this unit? it clogged up in less than a few minutes. The tower hooks up like a clothes washing machine, and hangs on the wall, so i can get it off the wall. do i stick a needle into every little jet (hole) to clear it or did i ruin it? Advice for a novice like me?

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    Default Re: Getting sediment out of shower head

    Whenever you mess with the plumbing system of the house, you want to go to all the faucets and showers and remove the heads and aerators, then, starting at the closest faucet to the water main, open and run for a few moments to clear out the debris. Work your way through the house to the furthest fixture. Then start reinstalling all the aerators and shower heads as you work back through the house.

    To clear the shower head, remove it and disassemble as much as possible. In a pan of water, fill the head up, shake it vigorously, then hold it upside down so that the particulates will flow out. Do this until you get most of the particles out. Particles lodged in the orifices of the head can be pushed out with a toothpick. With small, inexpensive shower heads sometimes it's easier to just replace them.

    Aerators from sinks can be disassembled and cleaned. Make sure you pay attention to the way you take it apart so that you reassemble properly.
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