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    Default 3 way switch wiring diagram with (3) lights using 14-3 wire

    I wondering if anyone could send a diagram for wiring (2) 3-way switches with (3) lights in-between the switches, with power at one switch. I wanted to use 14-3 wiring between the switches and lights. I have seen diagrams using (2) 14-2 wiring cables to the lights but wanted to know if there is a diagram using the 14-3 cable wiring instead. New construction. Thanks.

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    Default Re: 3 way switch wiring diagram with (3) lights using 14-3 wire

    Using 14-3 would be a waste. The wiring between the lights only need a black,white,and ground. You have to have 2 wires going from one switch to the other and then one wire, black, coming from the second switch to the light circuit. To be able to run your wiring through the 3 light boxes for the switches you would need 14-4.
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