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    Default Dishwasher help needed

    Our dishwasher is less than 3 years old but two nights ago it started making a funky noise. We stopped it and I ran it again yesterday morning without issue. Last night, started it again and the thing is making a very loud buzzing like noise that sounds like it is coming from the motor. We stopped it and I tried it again this morning with the same result. The noise begins after the water is in there. Any thoughts?
    I figured I would check in here prior to scheduling a service call.
    The Dishwasher is a GE GLD5900.

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    Default Re: Dishwasher help needed

    It sounds almost exactly what happened to me recently. An olive pit got stuck in the grinder. From inside the dishwasher take it apart until you get to the grinding disk. Mine may be a GE, but I'm not sure. It was not too difficult to take apart, but it was a little tricky in places. Two different sizes of torx screw drivers are needed. And a few pieces needed gentle prying or pulling to get them apart.
    I had a talk with my kids about scraping off plates.

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