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    Default Thinset on a shower floor

    I'm tiling a shower floor with 1" ceramic hex in 1'x2' sheets. Seems like every thin set compound I pick up - mixed or not - says "not for use in constantly wet areas like shower floors." This is obviously driving me crazy. I don't want to deal with flooring kicking out sometime shortly after working my tail off to get it all set up.

    Can anyone recommend a product specifically designed for shower floors? Ideally, I'd prefer to use pre-mixed. I find the mix difficult to work with - if mixed to suggested consistency, it seems to dry out before finally applied.

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    Default Re: Thinset on a shower floor

    what kind of pan you set up? old fashioned "mud job" preformed? sheet metal? hot tar? shulter/kerdi system?

    you need actual unmodified dry set mortar portland based not mastic not modified with stuff that needs air to dry like acrilic or plastcs. and mix up smaller batches at a time. those mastics need air to dry won't work. either old fashioned dry or maybe ditraset. mix with water only no modifiers and your looking for what meets ANSI 118.1

    suggest you review at john bridge's site and do some reading of articles and forum. visit

    i've only done true porcelin (harder) hex tiles not reg. ceramic hex on shower floor no prob.

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