Hi, I bought a old building this year & am slowly remodeling it. It was built in the mid to late 1800ís & has pine plank floors. They have been abused. But the weird thing is I like the way they look after cleaning & removing all the staples & tacks from years of carpet. Everybody says I should strip or sand these floors. But the varnish, paint & places itís all worn through sort of tell a story to me. I do have a small child to think of, so to keep this look I must seal this floor so my child is not exposed to heavy metals that may be present. What I think I want is like a clear enamel, heavy hard & sort of shiny to go over the top of it all. If I have to do it again at some point, thats ok. If not for the kid, I'd let it continue to wear away. Any suggestions are welcome.
PS: I have already been told to have my head examined.