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    Default Retiling a fireplace -- sheetrock clearance

    A few months ago, a friend and I removed the ceramic tile and mantle around my fireplace. The sheetrock underneath the tile came off when we did the demolition, so I had to reinstall the sheetrock. I have a metal "firebox" lined with brick. My question is, do I need to leave some clearance between the sheet rock and the firebox? I will place tile over the sheetrock, but the cut edge of the rock behind the tile will either contact the firebox edge or else I can leave a gap. If I leave a gap, what do I fill it with so that I can have backing there for re-tiling or the use a type of veneerstone product?

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    Default Re: Retiling a fireplace -- sheetrock clearance

    You don't have to butt the drywall up tight to the metal of the firebox. You can leave a quarter or three eighths of an inch gap won't hurt anything. As far as having backing for the tiles, this much of a gap won't hurt a thing.

    Good Luck.

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