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    Default 5 1/4" baseboard molding with 97 degree angle

    I am installing 5 1/4" baseboard molding on a connecting wall with a 97 degree angle. I don't know how to set a miter saw for this angle. Can anyone help me?

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    Default Re: 5 1/4" baseboard molding with 97 degree angle

    One half of 97 degrees is 48 degrees.
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    Default Re: 5 1/4" baseboard molding with 97 degree angle

    If this is an inside corner, then you can run one side long into the corner then cope the companion side. For an outside miter, put the end being cut against the fence and shim the tail end away from the fence and make practice cuts on scrap until you get the complimentary angle for both cuts. to make this cut you'd be cutting back to front, so you'll want to use a backer to minimize tear out on the face of the trim.

    Most newer chop saws will cut to 47-1/2 degrees, which is close to what you need. I'd start with that and see how the fit is, then work from there.

    It just occurred to me that with the size of the base you're using, you may need to cut the pieces laying flat rather than standing up. Same techniques will apply, only the orientation of the material in the saw will change.
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    Default Re: 5 1/4" baseboard molding with 97 degree angle

    if this is an inside corner, your better off coping it, not making a mitre joint, i only mitre inside corners if the angle is within 2 degrees of 90. you'll waste more time tweaking an inside mitre than you will a cope

    if its an outside corner, lay the baseboard flat and set the bevel of the saw as far as it will go, then shim the baseboard up so it tilts upward off the table of the saw to achieve the extra angle needed
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