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    We noticed that we had standing water in our driveway and in our yard, even though there was no rain. We checked our meter to see if there was a leak and at first there wasn't. We checked back 30 minutes later, and still the dial had not moved. So, we turned off all the water applicances in our house, took a picture of the meter before we left for work then took a picture when we got back. The dial had moved....slightly. We now know we have a leak, our question is where is it coming from? What do we do to try to find the we call a plumber first, or do we call a sprinkler guy first (we have a sprinkler system). We just need a starting place and we don't want to tear up our whole yard to find a leak.

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    I'd start with a plumber. He'll "own" the water before it goes to your sprinkler system so he's first on the food chain. Let him make the assessment for you before you go further.

    Good Luck.

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    you should have a valve that shuts off the irrigation. I would shut it off and see. though I will say that with irrigation systems due to the fact that they run all over the yard and have at least some traffic over them. they can easily have small leaks which usually aren't seen as a problem unless they are seen from above ground. but since you have standing water I would say shut off your irrigation system completly and see if this stops the leak and let this be the determining factor of who you call
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    Couple thoughts FWIW....

    The leak may be in the water main before it reaches your house/meter.

    The water usage you noticed while gone *may* have been your water softener cycling if you have one and forgot to shut it down/unplug it.

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