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    Hi All,
    I'm in the process of removing vinyl tiles from a cement floor and will by laying down new peel & stick 12x12 vinyl tiles. Should I be treating the cement with anything or will the peel & stick adhere to the cement ok all by itself?
    Thanks for any comments

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    Make sure the subfloor is free of any old adhesive. Sc**** the area clean with a putty knife, careful not to gouge the underlayment. If adhesive remains, loosen the glue with mineral spirits and sc**** again. Once the area is dry, use a notched spreader or putty knife to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to the subfloor. If any adhesive gets on the adjacent tiles, wipe it off immediately. Make sure your new tile is situated correctly to match the existing pattern and press into place. If needed, use a seam roller to smooth. Wipe off any oozing adhesive immediately, cover tile with wax paper and weight with books for 24 hours.

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    With proper preparation of the underlying concrete floor, there is no need for additional adhesive when using peel and stick tiles. The floor should be thoroughly cleaned and any residue from old adhesive removed. Once the floor is completely clean, you need to apply a primer/sealer specifically for installation of vinyl tile. I use Henry's. Keep in mind concrete is porous and will "soak up" a lot of primer before it is actually well coated. Allow this primer to dry thoroughly before application of the new tiles. Alternatively, you can put down a wood subfloor on top of the concrete, but it is recommended you prime/seal this as well. Either way, provided you prime and seal and roll with at least a 100 lb roller afterward, your tiles should stick just fine with the adhesive that is already on them.

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