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    Question Painting kitchen cabinets

    I am trying to sell a house with ugly kitchen cabinets. I want to repaint them as quickly as possible.

    I know there is a primer/spray that you can spray on slick surfaces in order to have paint stick (without sanding, etc.). I decorated a cheap wardrobe (melamine board?) for a friend's bedroom using this spray once. It seemed to work well. Can I use this for the kitchen cabinets? They are not real wood. Not the bottom of the line, but nothing to write home about, either.

    If I can use the spray, is there any reason not to use spray paint to finish the cabinets? I am thinking I will just go with a white paint.

    I need to sell this home quickly and not put too much money into it. Basically, it is a home my ex and I owned and I refinanced -- so I have two mortgages and cannot handle that for long!

    Any advice is appreciated.


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    Default Re: Painting kitchen cabinets

    One thing to be aware of on kitchen cabinets is the oils from hands touching them over the years.
    There is a product that can eliminate sanding. Look for "Liqiud Sand Paper" or " Sand paper in a Can". Sometimes a solvent such as laquer thinner or xylene will do the same thing.
    As far as painting them, good luck if you use spray cans. There will be a lot of overspray in the room and will take at least 2 coats. Runs will be a problem if you try to spray on too much paint at once.
    I guess it depends on what kind of finished job you expect.
    I always thought of cabinets as furniture and never cut any corners so this is a hard thing to give good advice on but it could be done that way with fair (not good) results.

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    Default Re: Painting kitchen cabinets

    I understand your desire for speed but some time spent now could save a lot of time later... kitchens sell houses and if you do a shoddy job, especially in this market, it might take longer than you anticipated to sell. I would sand them and clean them before painting. Use a foam roller to get a smooth finish. If you don't like the results first time around lightly sand and apply another coat this time using thinner.
    a Painter in Edina, MN

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