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    My original plan was to put laminate on the stairs until I realized how slippery it was and I didn't want my boys doing a header down the steps. Also, with the laminate bull nose there would be a raised edge on every step.

    I just pulled the carpet and I decided on sanding down everything and removing old paint and caulk. Paint stringers white. Risers white and staining the treads to match a Chestnut Hickory laminate I purchased

    I am pretty certain the treads are oak. Can anyone confirm that by looking at the picture below? Also the bottom tread has a big knot and a couple cracks. Should I leave or cover with putty to match stain?

    Should I install paint grade 1/4" plywood on the risers to hide the gaps between riser and tread? If I do that do I glue with PL and also finish nail it with 18 gauge nails?

    The treads go into the stringers and there is a small gap? What is recommended to cover that up? Wood filler, sand then paint?

    The top of the steps has a small plywood lip. I tried putting on a bull nose that I have with the laminate I am installing. The plywood overhang shows. Do I need to cut that lip off then install 1/4" plywood to cover the cut then put bull nose over that?

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