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    Question How to Smooth my Yard

    I have a newly seeded yard. Now that I'm cutting grass regularly, I'm noticing that my level and properly graded yard is very bumpy and not smooth at all.

    What's the best way to go back and level out the yard to make it smoother?

    I've thought about a light layer of top soil and rake it into the grass. Is that a viable option?

    Thanks for the thoughts TOHers.

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    Default Re: How to Smooth my Yard

    chances are putting topsoil down over the new grass wont really work very well you could try it though.

    the correct way to do it is to put down fresh topsoil over the entre yard and rake it so its evenly graded, then put down new sod.
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    Default Re: How to Smooth my Yard

    Your newly seeded yard probably wasn't rolled.
    It may still be able to use a heavy roller to help level things out.
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