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    Default Garage door opener transmitter

    I have to get within 15 feet of my garage door before the transmitter gets it open. I used to be able to open it from the street. I'm wondering if I can tune the receiver to match the transmitter. This is a older Sears GDO. Thanks for any help. John F

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    Default Re: Garage door opener transmitter

    Range issues are usually transmitter battery related, or the antenna on the GDO has gotten tweaked instead of hanging straight down.

    New remotes can be programmed to your existing opener, just take your transmitter to point of purchase and they can match it up for you.
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    Default Re: Garage door opener transmitter

    might want to get a fresh battery for the transmitter and check the receiver antenae and make sure it didn't get bent, moved or loose and nothing new blocking it.

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