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    Default Removing odors left by air fresheners

    Would appreciate suggestions for ridding a vacant house from the strong odors left by
    (now discarded) air fresheners, plug ins, air deodorizers, stick ons, and every imaginable type
    of air deodorizers.

    All carpeting, d****ry, soft material, cabinets have been removed. All walls and ceilings have been painted.

    However, the perfume stench remains in the air though it no longer can be 'tasted' as you enter the house. We have discovered no reason why former tenants found it necessary to install every type of deodorizer device known to man. In mutiples.


    Thank you.

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    Default Re: Removing odors left by air fresheners

    I feel your pain. I too am sensitive to the stench of perfumed people and products as well as deodorizers. Just walking down the soap aisle at the store gives me a headache.

    Usually allowing the structure to air out will suffice, takes time, but does work. If any of the liquid fresheners have been used on carpets or spilled, they have saturated the floor, sealing the floor with a pigmented shellac will go a long way towards reducing the odors.
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    Default Re: Removing odors left by air fresheners

    an electrostatic air cleaner would work. Ionic Pro is a good one, but instead of cleaning the fins with water (after you discharge it) use rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball first.

    some dishes of activated charcoal will help absorb the odors (recharge in the sun and then some baking time in the oven).

    make sure you dont have more of these things in the ducts or your efforts will be wasted.

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    Wink Re: Removing odors left by air fresheners

    Hi, when I had my carpet layed in May, the carpet installer (been doing it for over 30+ yrs) told me that when I begin to get animal odors, etc that I should never use the carpet deodorizers, sprays, etc. Instead, he said buy a large spray bottle, fill it with 2 parts white vinegar to 4 parts water. I thought, there is no way this is gonna work! He said to spray your carpet every day before you leave the house, it is a natural deodorizer that will not stain or damage your carpet. I know it sounds crazy, but I have 3 cats and 2 very hairy dogs, and I spray the carpet with the vinegar and water solution every day before I leave the house. And there is NO pet odor!!! It totally works!!! And it's the cheapest solution in the world (1 gallon of white vinegar is under $3.00). I say have the floors cleaned really good and start spraying with the vinegar spray! PS It also works to shine sinks and tile.

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