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    Default Draining Hot Water Radiators

    We have a 112 year old farmhome that has Hot Water Heat. We were trying to remodel it while living there and decided to move somewhere else. This winter we would like to drain the hot water radiators, so we do not have to heat this house. Is this possible? Do these radiators freeze? Will this cause more leaks when we put the system back in use?

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    Default Re: Draining Hot Water Radiators

    1. it is nearly if not impossible to get out every bit of the water in a system. what will replace the water = air. air plus any moisture will corrode the inside of the pipes if they are iron and cause the protective layer to flake off if they are copper and the scale and rust to clog things up if they are not.

    2. do you have oil lubricated or water lubricated recirculators?

    3. the boiler will it suffer from condensation issues what kind is it?

    4. the structure itself might suffer from lack of any heat in the winter - what about the domestic water lines - potable plumbing, the waste plumbing? the walls, framing, flooring, etc. are you going to be winterizing the entire house?

    5. special anti freeze and minimal heating/dehumidification from some source might be worth considering, don't know the circumstances of the state of the home or what your plans are and what is salvagable and what isn't nor what plans you have for what work to be done during the winter and spring.

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