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    Question Over wintering plants in pots

    I have 6 small, 2 year old spruce transplants in 5" plastic pots and a juniper bush in a 10" pot. The ground is now frozen where I live in upstate NY. I did not get a chance to plant them and wondering how do I care for them over the winter. I do not have an attached garage or a breezeway which keeps temps cool but not freezing. I can put in basement but there's no light really. Any ideas?

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    Default Re: Over wintering plants in pots

    Freezing temps shouldn't kill either of those plants. I'd put them outside on the ground in a sheltered spot against the house & pile up some mulch around the roots.
    Some bubble wrap around the pots would be ok, but not on the bottom. Then mulch like above.
    You could also keep them in the house in a sunny window. No sun will likely kill them.

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    Default Re: Over wintering plants in pots

    a grow light on a timer variable schedule in the basement would work. they sound a bit tender yet to risk it outdoors without being planted and established.

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